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City Living - City Moving - Freedom

If Freedom is what you’re looking for; freedom from the stress of being stalled in traffic or waiting around for a lift?
Are you looking for a reliable source of transport?
Are you ready to get that air in your Lungs and feel free again?
Whatever you choose here at LastNut, wether it be a e-scooter, e-bike or e-rider, you can really change your life and the life the next generation by ditching your car or public transport and choose the option for a greener, convenient way of travel!  With no fuel costs!!
E-transport has been on the rise in many cities from the last couple of years or so. There are a variety of benefits that come with e-transport and they just start with speed, convenience and comfort. 
Here at LastNut we have a wide range of choice and our product collection is growing!  
If you need a helping hand to choose the correct mode for you, we are happy to help with anything - give us a call or drop us a email and we would be happy to discuss and sort you out with the right fir for you!