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Eskuta SX-250 EAPC Electric Bike
Eskuta SX-250 EAPC Electric Bike
Eskuta SX-250 EAPC Electric Bike
Eskuta SX-250 EAPC Electric Bike
Eskuta SX-250 EAPC Electric Bike

Eskuta SX-250 EAPC Electric Bike

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    • Brilliant, powerful, and versatile, the SX-250 is the ideal solution for environmentally friendly commuting. With its unparalleled styling and design, the Eskuta SX250 EAPC - An Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle - electric bike will get you to your destination in comfort and style. The SX250 has a brushless, high-efficiency rear hub motor giving you all the torque you need to get where you want to go – and quickly. This bad boy will blow you away. To help get the power to the ground.  The lightweight lithium- ion battery gives you longer life and shorter charging time and comes as standard. To make the bike easier to handle, the SX250 is fitted with a front disk brake and adjustable rear shock absorbers. You also get plenty of storage in its large front glove box and there are LED lights for both the front and rear of the bike, helping it stand out and save on battery life too.  Please note: The carry-pod shown on the back of the SX250 in some images is an optional extra that can added to your order separately.*  

      1. Battery Type 20AV 48V
      2. Brake Type Disc
      3. Charge Time 7.5
      4. Motor 250w
      5. Range Up to 50
      6. Top Speed 15.5 (25km/h)
      7. Weight 52
      8. Wheel Size 20
      9. Suspension: Front Rear
      1. Lightweight lockable and removable Lithium ion 48V 20AV battery pack.
      2. High torque 250W high-efficiency brushless hub motor with pedal assist and walk mode system
      3. Removable Dedicated Lithium Ion charger with internal cooling fan and 13amp 3 pin plug - charge anywhere!
      4. Approx. 50 miles (80 km) range on a single 7.5 hour charge. When 30% battery is retained, charging takes approx. 2 hours.
      5. Powerful front disc brake and rear drum brake.
      6. Strong electro plated lightweight steel frame.
      7. Digital KPH (Europe) speedometer with power level indicator
      8. Alarm with 2 keys, electric fob, immobiliser and keyless go system
      9. Low consumption ultra bright LED headlamp with hi/lo beam and rear LED lamp & side indicators.
      10. Centre & side stand (with safety cut-off switch)
      11. Steering lock
      12. Folding pedals
      13. Lockable front glove box
      14. Alloy wheels
      15. Reinforced road tyres
      16. Net weight 53 kgs
      17. CE Certified - conformity certificate
      18. 12 months warranty
    • Eskuta will deliver your new Eskuta SX-250 directly to your door. We will call when your bike is ready and agree a convenient delivery time with you. Bikes are delivered fully assembled and ready to ride. All bikes undertake a PDI or ‘Pre-Delivery Inspection’, so you can be sure your Eskuta reaches you in perfect order. Eskuta's technically trained driver will run through all the features, charging and the controls of your new Eskuta, so you’ll feel confident and ready to hit the road.  Delivery Mid /End of May 2021 

    • The SX-250 is perfect for commuters, or anyone who needs to get around town quickly. With an electric engine this bike does not need to be refuelled, nor do you need to break the bank on petrol to keep it topped up. The motor is powered by a high-quality lithium-ion battery which you can charge from any household plug socket. With similar run times as your traditional moped, and a full charge costing just 10p from a mains plug, the SX-250 will keep you moving and at a fraction of the cost.

      1. 14+ YEARS TO RIDE
      5. NO MOT NEEDED

      8. How do I charge my Eskuta?

        1) Plug the adaptor directly into the charging socket on the bike.
        2) Simply remove your lightweight lithium-ion battery and take it in your home, school, university, work or anywhere with a standard 13 amp socket outlet and charge away.

        How many times can the battery be charged?

        Our lightweight Lithium Ion battery can be charged approximately 1,000 times, which is more than twice the number of an equivalent lead acid battery.

        What Security does my Eskuta Have?

        Security is a major factor whether you a private customer, professional delivery rider or a company. As standard your Eskuta comes with an ultrasonic imobiliser alarm system and steering lock.

        What is the delivery lead time?

        Delivery is dependent upon your location; we always try to get your Eskuta to you as quickly as possible.

        Each Eskuta is built to order, so that’s especially for you and each order has a ‘Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) and test ride to ensure your Eskuta is perfect.

        Manufacturing usually takes 7 – 10 days, so we quote 14-21 days for delivery. On most occasions, it usually a little bit quicker. 

        How will my Eskuta be delivered?

        We will deliver your new Eskuta directly to your door. Bikes are delivered fully assembled and charged, ready to ride. All bikes undertake a PDI or ‘Pre-Delivery Inspection’, so you can be sure your Eskuta reaches you in perfect order.

        What is the maximum weight that the Eskuta can hold?

        The bike is designed to withstand weights within any riders capability.

        Can this be used without pedalling on just assist mode? 

        Once the motor is engaged after pedalling you will reach top speed, to keep the motor engaged pedal slowly and this will enable you to maintain your top speed with the motor.

        Is This fully legal to ride anywhere in uk?

        The answer is yes.

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